gsr compatibility?

So i finally got my hands on a GSR block =). but all i got was the block itself the crank and oil pump. i also got the girldle. i plan on doing this motor right, taking my time and building a monster. But im missing certain odds and stupid odds and ends :cry:! is there another motor that uses the same (or faiirly similar) odds ands ends as the gsr? like oil filter threads, misc bolts, nuts sensors, ect? i know there will be differences in the head and the internals, but what motor could i find that i would have the best luck stripping for my odds and ends?


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Since your from Butler you can't be far from Mt. Pleasant. I seen a blown integra GSR on craigslist last week, I would try to find it but I'm not home. He was parting it out and still had basically everything engine wise.

ive been looking i didnt see that one...i got it off a kid in monroville. it came with 3 pistons girdle and the crank, plus the block, may have been the same one its been on there for some time