Guidance On 2013 Honda Civic si build


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Hey everyone I have 2013 Honda Civic si I bought it new for a daily driver in 2013. I bought a new instead of selling it I want to build to be a sleeper. I’ve always been into
cars but don’t have a mechanical background I’m def not going to pay to get it built there’s no Point in that. I’m not in a rush to get it built this is a project for me my 12 year old son an even the wife wants in lol. The car has 120000 miles on it so I was thinking the first thing to do is pull the motor / Tran and beef it up before even thinking about turbo or supercharger. I’m looking for some feed back and directions I’m sure there’s a lot of people on here that know nothing like me. But talk like they do that’s why I’m asking for those who actually have had success give me some feed back.



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Welcome! What are your plans for the car? More track or street usage? Any HP goals?
Keeping it more stock looking, I'd probably start with a spring/strut or coil-over suspension set up and some grippy tires.