gutted interior, looks crapy. need soulutions

ok so i have a 2000cx hatch that i just recently took the back seats and spare tire and all that s*** out. problem is i had a water leak so theres minor surface rust where the spare tire used to be. was gonna get carpet and hard board and make a couver for the entire back but thats not really working out with finding the right carpet. ive been everywhere! btw. so i wanna get rid of this horrible look, was thinking about paint but not sure how good spray paint would look.. not a fan of not doing things right. any ideas anyone?


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Cleaning it and repainting is probably your best shot here. Simple green/goo-gone and dry ice will probably work well back there!

I've never seen carpet back there, but it might look pretty cool if done right...

Ej dewd how did you make that? I wanted to do the same thing but I didn't think the 4" wide hardboard at the front would fit through the hatch


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you could clean up the surface rust and spray some rubber undercoat or like a bed liner or something like that
Well technically just as the raw 4x8 i think the plywood comes it wont fit, but once cut you can get the
front piece which is the entire 48" to fit diagonally. That's if you notice i made it 2 pieces held together by some hinges so i could still access the spare tire compartment.

The front fattest part is 48"

The smaller back part is 31"

And the whole thing is 48 1/2"

But to get a easier general idea of how i did it, when you're at the photo bucket image try to view the album itself and you will see the "frame" of it i guess you could say. Their is one 2x4 width wise on the very front so it has something sit on and support, and two 2x4s length wise so that the back doesn't just cave in. The front is very sturdy if you still have the middle support for the rear seats also, nothing is caving the front in believe me.

They rest on the back plastic piece for now since i ran out of 2x4 but i will be reinforcing it asap, but I will say for only resting on the plastic it supports my 145lbs very easily so not really to much of a worry.

So all in all you need: 1 sheet of plywood, 3 48" pieces of 2x4, 2 door hinges(if you do what i did), some upholstery glue, and in my case some cheap carpet from Walmart(it looks fine i promise)


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buy some fiberglass and mold the entire rear... then keep some dry erase markers back their for your girlfriends to write you sweet nothings and bullshit., also might be a nice opportunity to build a custom enclosure for a sub? Idk... just throwing s**t out there.
actually i was think of just getting like a white hardboard or something and letting people write s*** on it, whens its covered itd look sweet

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