Had low clutch pressure, bled the clutch, and lost all pressure


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I drive a 97 Civic lx. I just bought it about a month ago. From the get-go it only had about 1/4 of clutch pressure to the pedal but was still driveable until I had the time to take a look at it. Well I went out of town for work for a few nights, left the car sitting at my job and it was still the same when I left it. But when I got back, it only had about 1/8 or less pressure to the pedal and had a hard time getting it home without floating the gears. So today I bled the clutch out and completely lost all pressure from it... When you push the pedal, it just stays on the floor and you have to pop it back up. The rubber piece behind the bleeder valve, ( I forget the name of it, but it's the thing that extends when you push the clutch, and goes back in when you let the clutch out) stays fully extended . I can push it back in with my hand but as soon as I let go it pushes itself back out. I have no idea what it could be but if anyone could give some tips, I'd appreciate it!