Had quite the week with my Civic


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A summary of my week....

Last weekend when I got gas I tightened my gas cap super tight to see if it would keep my CEL from coming on, and it hasn't come back on all week. 3 clicks is not enough! I tightended that b***h about 3 whole times around.

Last night I got a flat tire when I was a couple hours out of town. This is my first flat tire, ever. Of course the spare had almost no air in it but it was super easy to change and I found a gas station quickly. Still made it to my second concert of the day on time. The kicker is that I had checked the air earlier that day and added where needed. I had to get a new tire today as the old one was not repairable.

My splash guards arrived today and I'll be putting them on hopefully tomorrow. As for now I'm about to drive to another city for another show, same thing tomorrow. Feets don't fail me now!