Helga the Honda is pretty pissed nowadays.


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Hello, I am having pretty much the same issue here as everyone else. I know that Honda's are known for this issue, but I can not let my ol' girl go. Replaced thermostat, removed it, take very well care of the fluids,replaced the cap, and I'm sure a few others I've forgotten.. Seems to overheat every time I go up a big hill(only a 6 liter) , also when I stop or when I change the speed quickly, (it seems at least). There is a leak, oil on the ground, have to keep heat on at least one notch or it happens quicker, can't use AC it instantly overheats the fans are working. The tube that connects to the radiator cap comes off. This car has smoked and everything. Seems worse on hot days. Everyone but me gave up on this car. Kinda at a roadblock. Any advice? Oh, and there is K-seal in it. Which seems to be the only reason I'm still driving.


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Are you burning or leaking any coolant?

What color is the coolant, what color is the oil?