Help! Headlights!

Passenger side headlight works just fine
But driver side headlight isn't shining correctly. It does not shin towards the lower left side of the drive side.
I swapped the bulbs from left to right and right to left. Still the same situation on the same side! So not the bulbs.
I then noticed that the cup reflector in the housing seemed a little off compared to the right side, so I played with it a little and still no progress,
Then I turned to adjusting the position of the headlight aim with the screwdriver, still nothing.
Parked the car facing the garage and the aim seemed straight, it just didn't shine down to the lower left side of the car
Here's a pic of the good passenger side headlight
And the bad driver side headlight. You can see that it has a weird light concentration above the bulb.
Please help! What can I do?



I had a Civic once.
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Is the bulb seated correctly inside the housing? Either it's not seated correctly, the reflector thing in the center is broken or off, or the headlamp is way out of aim or not aligned properly on the car.

I would replace the bulb or swap one in from the other side as well, to make sure there's no hot spot on the bulb that might be screwing up light output.

If all else fails, you might need to replace the headlamp altogether.
Is the bulb the same brightness outside of the lamp, because if it is then you have excessive resistance (a load, which is preventing the bulb in using all 12v) in the ground wire.

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