Help Identifying Front Lip (05 HB SI)


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So, I'm looking to upgrade from my 93 hatch to a new SI. I was searching on Ebay yesterday and came across an 05 SI w/ mods. I noticed right away that the car had a front lip kit that wasn't shown in the list of modifications. I Emailed the seller and he would only tell me that it was the stock bumper with a lip kit. So far, he has refused to tell me what kind of lip it is.

I was actually thinking about making a serious bid on his car until he failed to answer such a simple question. It makes me wonder what else he isn't willing to tell people about his car. Regardless, I'm going to end up buying a new SI at some point, and I'd like this front lip. The only problem is that I just can't find it anywhere!

I have searched Ebay, Google, ProCivic, etc etc etc. and I can't find a lip kit like this anywhere.

Please help me identify this lip kit with a link to purchase it!

Thanks in advance! :D


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never seen it before but i kinda like it. gl with it.


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sure its not a body kit?


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thats the HFP front lip, my boy has one on his ep3...

cant find any pictures of it actually on his car, hes usually rockin his jdm front

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