Help!! JDM D15b 3 Stage vtec or not?


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Is this a JDM D15B 3 stage vetc????

I've had this manual 95 civic Lx for a few months, I know its not the stock engine, i thought it was.
I'm new to D series engines, I've been working on B series and DSM's for 6 years, so i know a decent amount
about cars.
I haven't had time to do much to the engine because im working and going to school all the time.
but the first thing i noticed is, it gave a pull around 5x RPM similar to that of my old B18A2,
the valve cover doesn't have Vtec engraved so i never bothered with it.
then i noticed it had a different block code on it. so i was doing some research and it seems
to fit the description of a jdm 3 stage vtec but i don't feel the 2 stages of vtec or the great gas mileage.
i took some pics of the block, head, ECU, Intake M. and the weird wiring.
can some one tell me what kind of engine or set up this is?

It says D15B

I think it says (P2j-4) or (P2j-A)


the 2 grey wires connect to the 2 Vtec Solenoids, and do you see the 2 wires in the background, green and blue?
they go from the ecu to a small black box. keep looking.

to this box, Im not to familiar with the electronic terms sorry.and then the white and red wires go to a tach that i took off long ago but the tach had a nob to set rpm. the red and black wires tap into a power and ground line.

inside of ecu

i noticed this small spot was black and burnt, is this bad?
i dont have a check engine light on but i know the Check engine light works
because it turns on when i first turn my ignition like any other car.

P.S.what would be the best service manual to buy for this engine?


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without looking Im pretty sure thats a y8 head

could be a mini me, have to be able to see the pistons, even then could not be stock. Like someone warped a d15b headand stuck a y8 head on. Or its a vtec-e block with y8 head

either way hard to tell anything excpet the head


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jesus nvm I just read your title

you have a y8 head on a jdm d15b
yeah i know its a d15b, but is it a JDM 3 stage vtec?
i think its called a D15Z7 here in the states...
The guy at the auto parts store tells me that there is no such thing, that i have mini me swap, but that doesn't seem right. i used these 2 links but need to confirm it because
i need to do a head gasket, timing belt and water pump replacement and i don't know which engine to get it for.
I live in Nebraska so people here at these auto part stores don't know much about cars unless it has a V8 or a hemi.


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use a d16z6 timing belt 104 teeth on yr mini me i just use any D series head gasket , u have a jdm 96-00 block yr dip stik is ner the timing belt, if yr water pump is still good just replace yr gasket for it


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your engine

your engine is a 3 stage vtec...but it has the wrong ecu already..the tach you removed earlier is the one that controls the other solenoid for activating the vtec..the corect ecu for your engine should have been p2j-003 manual ecu..