Help plz!


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Hey guys really new to clubcivic and was wondering if anyone could give me advice my 93 Del Sol finally broke down but not sure what the problem is I was driving fine about 60mph and then it started to shake and died I tried to turn it on again because I was stuck on the freeway but nothing now that I'm back on my house I now
noticed that my fuel pump doesn't prime like it used to but it does start up for about 10 seconds and then shakily dies on me and I keep getting started but same results.

Check Engine light isn't on
-Dash lights turn on like how they are supposed to be when it's the "ON" position
-A/C works
But hopefully it's just the fuel pump because I do believe its the original one that was put in the car, I never have changed it and the previous owner said he never changed it as well. So if anyone could help me out I would gladly appreciate it honestly!!


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I'm not sure how that is even relevant to begin with, if the motor isn't running, the compressor is not working.
You’re right lol I’m sorry just freaking out honestly. But motor turns over for about a minute or less then shuts off.