Help with a purchase, looking for info.


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Alright I'll keep my long winded story as short as I can, I am going to be having my first child soon and in order to save some money I am really considering selling my 2017 Subaru STI. That being said I've really been interested in the Civic because of all the readily available parts. But the thing I can't really figure out is what gen or motor to go with. It seems there are so many choices compared to what I'm used to (ej20,ej25 or the fa20 for subarus), every new gen of Civic that comes out has some difference in the engine. That being said the goal for me is a practical daily driver that is easy to modify. Here is my question and what I'm trying to get out of it.
  1. What Civic 4 door is a great platform for building on?
  2. Ideally I want something that can both be fun and reliable
  3. I definitely prefer manual transmission
  4. I do like the styling of the newer 10th gen, but I'm definitely open to later models as they are cheaper and I am trying to save money.


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Just find an 8th gen Si sedan, call it a day.