Help with Brake System Light


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We have been in a legal battle with a car paint place that has had our car for 6 months. We just got it back today.

During that time it was just sitting and the battery completely died (like had to put the radio code back in dead). They had already jumped the car when we arrived to pick it up.

While sitting one of the tires went flat. They put air in it, but the tire rapidly loses air again. On the dash the BRAKE SYSTEM light in amber is on, and the low tire pressure light is also on. Those are the only two lights on, no ABS, no circle with an exclamation point.

The car drives fine and brakes fine. Regenerative braking is working, but the car does not auto-stop at idle. The parking brake is off.

What would/could be causing the BRAKE SYSTEM light to be on and auto-stop not working? A fuse? The tire that keeps losing air? The battery being dead?

I don't want to take it to the mechanic if all I need to do is disconnect and reconnect the battery or something. Thanks for advice everyone. Everything I can find is about ABS, which isn't the case here.