Hesitation issue only when cold and under a load..Help!!

Just bought a stock 99 civic 5spd lx with 193k miles, car starts right up and idles fine when cold but as I go to take off down the road it hesitates and misses like it's running outta gas. Once it reaches norm operating temp it runs perfect and doesn't do it at all. I stopped in Autozone and they put their tester on it and it said no codes found. Anyone else experienced this? Just don't wanna be chasing my tail lol. Thanks!!
I shouldn't have to let it warm up everytime I go to drive it. I mean if I am in a hurry and just need to jump in and go this is not a normal issue. I've owned probably 8 civics most with more miles and all of them have been stock nothing modded and have never experienced this kinda issue.
If its cold outside and the engine has had time to cool down below normal operating temperatures you should always let it warm up, regardless of how many of whatever kind of vehicle with however many miles you have had.
I'm gonna leave it at that.