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Im new to the civic scene and just got a 93 hatch. i want to put hids in but want to know if i need any xtras like a relay or ultra slim ballast? Can i use just a normal H4 hid kit? I also have some jdm lights that look glass instead of plastic. will the hid hurt them?
i would not get slim balasts
i have had em 3-4 of my buddys have had em and 1 bulb will go out on u and u gotta keep turnin the lights on and off and it has been with multiple brands ebay and good brands
go regular balasts


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Retrofit!! Hid plug and play kits are not designed for factory housings. They put out a very scattered light pattern and blind oncoming traffic. Save your money and get u a retro fit kit and do it correctly!...as a matter of fact heres a link from one of our mods that explains this.
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Dont do it with out a retrofit, or at the absolute least use some cheap ebay projector houseings or else all your doing is blinding others on the road.

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