High idle fine but rough idle after


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I have a 1999 honda civic ex d16y8 head and d16y7 bottom end. Both were taken apart and rebuilt with new main bearings rod bearings pistons rings valve seals valve guides and new gaskets. Iacv did not get a new gasket and wad not cleaned the best. Throttle body was cleaned decent. Had a bit of trouble at first cause my sensor harness connector was plugged into iacv and it was not getting enough volts. Fixed that but now it starts up and high idles with no throttle assistance. Then when it finishes and lowers rpms it goes too low and starts to want to die. I checked my timing to see if i was a tooth off and it looks in line with markers on cam sprocket at tdc. So i am taking it to my mechanic monday but it was seeing if anyone has experienced this or knows a fix