high idle fuell reguulator?

Hey I have a 93 civic hatchback B16 boosted at 10 pounds on a garrett T3/T4 50 trim turbo 3 bar map sensor the problem I'm having is the idle its too high between 1500-2000rpm and also using way to much fuel for everyday driving just wanted to see if anybody might have a idea as to what may be causing the high idle?


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Vacuum leak?
If you haven't adjusted anything the only real way the idle would go up is by getting more air in the motor from a leak, or maybe the IAC is stuck?

IAC?? There is no vacuum leaks there was one that I just fixed and still the idle is too high I can feel the motor getting too much fuel could it be because I have 450cc injectors from a supra or maybe just tuned wrong?


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Idle air control valve. Is an IAC. Running rich wouldn't make the idle increase, unles you added more air, otherwise youd just have black smoke and soot. You might have a bad tune also.


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Also could be FITV not closing all the way when warmed up. After cleaning IAC if that doesnt help pull off ur intake when cars warmed up, u should see 2 holes in the throttle body right before the throttle plate. When cars up to temp the bottom hole shouldn't be sucking. If it is ur FITV as stuck open, use this to clean it:
Also might wanna pick up a throttle body gasket since it's easier to get off with the throttle body off and if you go to honda get the gaskets that go in there too.

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