Honda Accord Idle Issue


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I know this isn’t a Honda Civic, but I have a 2002 Honda Accord that drops rpms when it starts. When cranking the car it seems fine until a few seconds passes, then rpms drop super low and the motor begins to shake. I’ve noticed that when I crank it and give it some gas that it will stay running until I let off. Then it begins to drop and shake again.


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Check this thread about cleaning the IACV & stuff.

In that thread, it describes how to set your BASE idle (which is not the same as the operating idle). Then reset your ECU and let it re-learn the behavior of the idle system.

Also check the idle screws.


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I have a 2001 Honda Accord Sedan which is unable to idle at a constant RPM. It will hold the idle RPM until it warms up for a minute, or until you touch the throttle. Then, it starts jumping from ~2k to 3k RPM. I've tried resetting the idle control, and I've read that cleaning out the idle control valve may help, though I am having trouble locating this. When I wiggle the electrical connection that looks like it's connected to the idle control valve, the idle jumping stops, until I plug it back in. Recently, my obd2 scanner gives me the code "P0108: Manifold Absolute snaptube vidmate Pressure / Barometric Pressure Sensor Circuit High".