Honda Civic 1988 on 14 year world tour needs carburettor rebuild....


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Hello Club Civic,

Not sure if anyone can help or offer some advice, however....

I have been driving around the world for the last 14 years with my old Honda Civic 1988 model.

I have recently brought the carburettor home to UK and want to get it rebuilt as there is a running issue that maybe related to this part. I am wondering if you may be able to help with this: the smell from the exhaust is strong and unusually rich perhaps, idle can be a problem and it is slow to pick up speed on highway, if gas pedal floored it builds speed very slowly with no noticeable sudden increase.

I am looking for somewhere that can rebuild the carb. I have written to a few places, but the replies so far are that because it is Japanese it is difficult to find parts. I already know this well as I struggled to find the only gasket kit on record with Honda from a dealer in Egypt 4 years ago....

If anyone can help with advice about where I could send it and where I may obtain parts. There is a company called Amayama in Japan that can provide many things, but not everything....

I look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,


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Sorry Jon for no response. But in USA all honda from about 1986 or 87 came with some form of injection. 2 or 4. Try from USA, they have carb rebuild kit at 25.00 usd and remanufactured carbs at 335.00 to 375.00 usd.
Good luck with your world traveler.
Post picture of your hatch we would like to see it and motor as it's the best part!

Here's one of mine. 30723