Honda Civic 1995 EX - Motor Mounts


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Hi Fellas,

I am searching for good deals on Civic Motor mounts , can anybody throw some info.

Secondly is there any possibilities to have the model / type / name of those 4 mounts ( upper Left , Upper Right , Lower Left , Lower Right ) I guess it has 4 mounts pls correct me if not .... Cvic vibrates alot ...




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f**k I was almost done posting and my girl friend called, any way the town mounts your talking about are torque mounts
There located on the bottom of the frame rails
There's three actual engine mounts located on the trans, by the timing belt and behind the motor.
Most people on here hate eBay but it all depends what you buy
I bought torque mounts from eBay and there awesome!
And for the three motor mounts I bought hasport mounts and I love em
But it's all what kind and how stiff you want
You can easily get OEM ones if you wanted

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