honda del sol wont start

Hi everybody! I have a question? I just recently bought a del sol si. As I was trying to get it running I figured out that I wasn't get spark. The motor turns but there is no spark. So I purchase a new distributor but fail to spark. I checked all the harnesses and the gas pressure but eveything was good bu still no spark stilll. I'm going crazy trying to figure out what it could be but I'm trying to hang in last thing to check is the computor or just add an external coil but I don't want to do that because I wouldn't know how to connect it. Could somebody help me figure out the problem with my car
haha that sounds complicated. so by dizzy do you mean the modulator and the coil in the distributor or the wires that run to the distributor. do you know what the colored wires i need to test
I had my dad take a look at it hes an electrician. he said theres no power being fed to the distributor but i think he might be wrong because it does give one god spark in the begining and then i feel lik it burns up the coil and the modulator. its a obd1.i tested it out by puting a screw driver on the end of the spark plug wire and put on ground. my dad also said the problem is goin to be on the ignition switch. i just hope hes right or else ima take it in to the dealership and have them deal with it

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