How did you earn your first car?


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Many of us started out learning to drive in old cars and only then bought something new. What was your first car and how did you earn money for it? As for me, I worked as a promoter at first and then started earning an income remotely.


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Well, I haven't even had my first car yet. But I think it's right that people learn to drive old cars and then buy new ones. Although by the way, I'm also thinking of taking my driver's license.


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My parents gave me my first car. It was very unexpected. But they said that I had to earn my own gasoline. Of course I agreed. I also worked in a cafe and I think that disciplined me. Now I can afford my own car and my job is not in the service industry. When I started getting into cryptocurrency I realized I could afford more
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Saved up a few paychecks for a down payment on a 99 Honda Civic LX, 4 doors, automatic and none of the VTEC. Basically had to work for it.