How To Change The Clutch


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My boyfriends video of how to change the clutch in your Honda:

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I recently changed the clutch disc and pressure plate in my 98 EX. I used a regular duralast from autozone. Now I am experiencing some strange behavior from the clutch pedal.

I have adjusted the clutch pedal so there is a ton of free play before it engages the clutch plate. As the engine heats up, the free play slowly disappears as the clutch engagement point gets higher and higher in the clutch pedal stroke. At operating temp, the clutch pedal is very tight with zero free play. The clutch pedal begins to engage the clutch disc right at the top of the pedal stroke.

At first i thought I had an air bubble in my hydraulic clutch line. I have ruled that out with multiple bleeds. Now i don’t know what to do. There was a packet of grease that came with the clutch disc and pressure plate. It was supposed to go on the transmission input shaft. I completely forgot until I had it all back together. My only guess as to what is going on is that I forgot to grease the transmission input shaft. But I don’t understand how that would explain the strange behavior of the clutch pedal.

Any help would be highly appreciated.