How to Clean A Faux Leather Steering Wheel


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For cleaning a faux-leather steering wheel I would recommend using an interior cleaning product such as Carpro Inside teamed with an interior cleaning brush (it doesn’t necessarily have to be super soft, but nothing too hard should be used).

Apply the product directly to the cleaning brush and agitate on the surface of the wheel until the product starts to foam up as you see in the picture below

Remove any excess product with a microfiber towel. If you find the surface to be a little bit sticky after, spray a little water onto the surface and used a new clean towel to remove any leftover product. The surface of the steering wheel will then be left smooth, non-sticky and clean


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Dawn mixed with water and a common shop rag have worked for decades...
Did we really need a write up on this?

You could have also lumped all these different types of wheels into one post.