HOW TO: DC5 Type S Rear Seats In EM2


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What up guys! I am happy to make this DIY for others that are interested in swapping out their OEM seats for these Type S seats and hopefully it helps out with any confusion and/or additional problems you might run into like I did which were not very clear in the other DIYs I read.

Full credit goes to Wes Miley on the rear seat attachment. This was his idea which he coached me throughout the process which I believe is the best way for support.

I tried to take as many pictures as I can to explain what I was doing step by step, however, there was a couple times where either it was self-explanatory or I forgot. Here goes...

So, first thing you have to do is remove the seats. Fold the Upper seats down and on the passenger side, you'll see this small bracket with two 10mm bolts.

Remove the bolts and the seat will come free - remove rear, upper passenger seat. Now remove the rear, upper driver side seat by sliding the seat left (If I remember correctly, if not, try sliding it right) until one of the "poles" slide out of the swivel bracket. The swivel bracket looks like this:

Once you have both rear, upper seats out you have to remove the rear bench seat. There is a 10mm bolt that holds in it. You should be able to see it very clearly now, but here is where it is located (Photo was taken from the internet from a RSX).

Now, simply lift up the rear bench seat from the front until you hear to clicks and the seat will come free. Grab your DC5 rear bench seat and install it (still step can be done before or after you modify the rear upper seats, just make sure you install it before you start installed the post modified rear, upper seats - your knees will thank you.

Now, take your rear upper seats apart to where you have the leather cover off and skeleton out of the foam. As you start to remove the leaver cover, you'll notice two areas where there is a set of "hog rings" that hold on the leather cover to the seat skeleton. If I remember correctly, there is a set in the middle of the seat and a set near the bottom of the seat. They look like this (middle area pictured):

Once you have the leather cover off and the skeleton out of the foam, they should look like this:

Now, what you're going to have to do is cut off the "wing" (that's what I call it) part of the skeleton which has the pull release lever on it. Basically, you'll cut just slightly next to the rounded "pipe" on the skeleton. Here is the designated cutting area:

Here is a close up of the welds that you'll have to cut to break the "wing" loose. Once you have cut the welds, there is a piece of sheet metal that will need to be cut along the "pipe" to finish the cutting. Here is a picture of the welds that you'll need to cut (even though they are very obvious, lol):

Now, let the sparks fly!

Here is what the skeleton should look like once you're done cutting:

Here is a picture of the part removed next to the cut skeleton:

Here is what both skeletons should look like once all cutting of the "wing" is completed:

I used a grinder to cut down the welds because they were pretty significant. Then I used a sawzall to cut the remaining bit of weld and sheet metal.

Now that everything is cut, put your DC5 skeleton back into the foam. You'll have a lot of access foam from where the "wing" was there. Trim enough foam till where you have about 1.5" of foam sticking past the cut skeleton. Now re wrap the seat with the leather cover. Once that is done, you'll notice some extra leather that is loose. You'll need to stretch the leather around toward the back of the seat and sew it shut. This will make the leather stay tight. *Make sure you fold it back towards the back of the seat[/U][/B]* I made the mistake by folding it forward. There was no big issue, but I noticed when I wedged the seats for a test fit, the leather wasn't very tight and I had to "hand tuck" it in. Here are some pictures below:

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Now remove the EM2 skeleton from the OEM seats. I didn't take any pictures of this process as I didn't think it was rocket science - remove the foam and cover. I then installed the bare EM2 skeleton into the swivel brackets and latched them in as the seats normally would be (but without the padding). I test fitted the seats to make sure I cut enough foam and noticed the EM2 skeleton sticking out of the top of my seats. This is what it looked like:

This next step I did differently from Wes's instructions. I wont say what he did as that is his idea and wont give it out unless he wants you to know, but this is what I did... I removed the skeleton from the swivel brackets and cut the top portion of the skeleton off. NOTE: I did NOT cut the bar of the skeleton, only the sheet metal off the top of the skeleton. The welds weren't very good, so all I had to do was take a screwdriver and pop the sheet metal around the weld off, Here is what it looked like once it was off:

In a few DIY's I read that some people were painting the skeletons black to further blend in the skeleton.. I had some fabric I was going to use to redo my door panels so I cut it to the length I needed and sewed it around the top bar:

Now, reinstall EM2 skeleton back into the swivel brackets and latch them back in.

Now the top of the skeleton is practically gone and slightly blended in:

Once I test fitted the seats again with the EM2 skeleton remounted in the back seat, I noticed the swivel brackets are in the way and make the seats sit very high leaving a giant cap between the bench seat and the upper seats. To fix this, you have to cut the skeleton again. Here is a picture of the rear, upper passenger sear cut mark line:

Here is what it looks like once it is cut:

You should have this left over after your cut:

Cut the bottom left corner of the rear upper passenger seat as well:

Now you have to do the same thing to the rear, upper driver seat, but this time the swivel bracket is on the bottom right corner. Cut out that section too:

Now once you have cut both skeletons sections around the swivel brackets, you should be able to easily test fit the seats again and you'll be able to slide the seats downward over the swivel brackets, closing that large gap to a much smaller gap.

This next part I recommend having a buddy or spouse help you cause it would make your life a whole lot easier. I didn't have anyone helping me and it was seriously a b***h to do, but I managed to come up with an idea to do it by myself. If you end up having to do it yourself, you're welcome to try this:

It's DEFFINATELY unorthodox, hahaha... but it worked for me. I took my floor jack pole off (approx. 4 feet long) and zip tied two towels on the ends to prevent any of my leather ripping from the pressure. Just wedge it where you need pressure between the rear seat and either the center console or one of the front seats.

To secure the seats to the EM2 skeleton, I used plumber's tape and 1" self tapping screws with a large flat head. Simply take a piece of plumber's tape, screw one side through the seat into the DC5 skeleton, wrap the piece of plumber's table around one of those poles of the EM2 skeleton and screw the other side down into the DC5 skeleton. It should look something like this:

Add as many as you like or until the seats cannot move around anymore. I also, took a couple zip ties and fastened the two center bars together. Since I used the EM2 skeleton to attach the DC5 seats to, I can now still use the seats folding function, however can only fold both at the same time. See below the folding action and notice all the areas I used to fasten the seats:

A day or so after I took the above picture, I noticed I needed to add a couple more areas of plumbers tape to secure the passenger seat better.

I also did the front seat conversion, but there's plenty of DIYs to do so. You only need to drill out the bracket holes on the back of the seats to fit.

Anddddd, that's it! You're done! Thanks everyone for viewing my first DIY. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions and ill do my best to answer them accordingly.


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Just a heads up, I merged both your threads and moved the how-to into the interior how to section..

Everything looks great man, thanks for the how to and for helping out the community! :thumbs up


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Awesome man, I noticed that - thank you! I was wondering how I did that if I made two separate posts... lol. I would have made one post, but I guess it was too long.

Glad I can help out! :D


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They still don't fit... why not just re skin the existing ones with oe leather?


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They still don't fit... why not just re skin the existing ones with oe leather?
Hmm... Yes they do fit. I had to cut them to fit... And I didn't want to re skin my OEM seats because I'd assume reopolstering to leather would cost me way more than I bought the seats for. Plus, I got them for a steal price and I like the style on these better than the OEM ones.

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