How to install proximity sensor

Hi guys, my car currently has the Viper 3303 2-way alarm. I was wondering how do I install a proximity sensor to it? The proximity sensor I'm talking about is called 508D Radar Field Disturbance Sensor.

I heard from a lot of people that it's easy to install almost like plug and play but I couldn't find instructions.
And I believe there's only 2 plugs both consist of 4 wires: red, black, green and blue.
Can someone provide me steps to installing one? pics would be great too. thanks


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umm...if its an alarm system then it all should just plug in. It should already have pre connected ends on it that plug from the control box to the sensor. but you won't get that good of results for it. typically these are used in convertibles. it uses IR to detect high mass objects, but i don't know how good it will do inside a car...also it would have to be really visible, which wouldn't look that good.

If i were you i would get an electronic sensor. it constantly monitors slight variances in the cars electrical system. when someone touches the car, there body acts like a capacitor and soaks up some of the voltage, this triggers a system alert and alarm until the voltage is restored when the person is no longer touching the car. its a lot more effective and won't get set off by birds or just someone walking by, including you. think about it, if you park in your driveway and go out to get the mail your alarm is going to go off.