How To: Install Skunk2 Shifter w/ Shift Bushings


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Well, I took my own pics of the problem.

This is as far as the washers will go inside the bearing, on both sides.

Other photo is of the actual hardware.

Someone on the Integra Forums is saying that the washer comes in 2 different sizes?

I am currently talking to Chris at Skunk2 about this.
I know this is old and had similar issues as you... well those little sleeves need to be pressed in with a small press or use a smooth pair of channel locks they will go in easier this way. Might be a bit easier if the shifter is not installed yet when you do this. on to my next problem wtf is the spacer for lol well i did some studying and placed it between the washer and the shift linkage on the right side of the shifter my linkage was a bit muttled up so don't mind that=) here is a picture to show you how I used the spacer, it shifts cleanly through the gears and is pretty firm no slop.


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Need help

I have a 92' civic si. I and a friend of mine put in a stort shifter and bushings Everything went great. The question i have is when i shift to gears its not smooth. Te shifter doen't not lock in to place right away. It's real bad with Revse gear. Now it did the same thing before we replaced everything. Whats wrong why is it doing that. My friend say's it's not sinking up perfect when i shift. What is it and how do i fix it ?


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well this write up will sure come in handy for me...


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Bump. Got a question. For the people who installed the skunk2 short throw, did the linkage hit the stock exhaust? I got a 94 dx 5 speed. My exhaust is stock and i want to make sure the shifter linkage wont hit it.


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epic doing this mod this weekend and it is exactly how i thought it would be kudos on a very informative thread


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Been trying to do this and for the life of me I couldn't get the bushing through the extension rod like in the pic :(

I tried doing it without dropping my exhaust, cause well, I just don't know how to. But I got out the old one, and the flared end of the extension rod just won't go through the hole in the new ES bushing. I can't even get some pliers in the space to try to squeeze the flared ends in a bit.

Any ideas folks? Thanks.