How To: LED license plate light swap


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i am a new civic owner so here are a few things i have done to help my car out
1- led tag light off ebay for like 3 bux they fit in the old bulb connector
2- my catalytic converter was bad so i bought a "racing one " lol off ebay for 26 bux
3- had a damaged fender couldnt believe how cheap a new fender was
4-had alarm system installed 199. installed
5-mounted my amp under the rear deck between speakers to keep truck clean
6-trunk floor panel was bad so i replaced it with diamond plate

not much but im just learning..
im really looking to clean up my trunk with two amps and three subs they are a big room taker could u post a picture or email or text me it with how your amp is installed

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Doing this today.


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Great write-up indeed. I can either wait 5 days for the LED bulbs from a website to come in or I can spend a couple bucks at an auto store and get a strip of led lights like such and put it in myself.

As to why auto parts stores, such as Autozone, Napa, and O'Rileys, DON'T carry all the gage cluster and accessories in various led colors baffles me. Doesn't take up much inventory space at all and every time im in a store I always hear someone asking if they have any.. but nope.

Thought I'd start a new thread for this in case someone searches for it...

What you'll need:
- philips screw driver
- white
leds strip (I got mine from here:"-....html?osCsid=2b791f1362c59d6f924408f94cc3a0da)
- soap and water
- hot glue gun
- male disconnects
- 10-15 minutes

License plate LED lights

1) Remove the two screws for each license plate light and unplug the harness

2) Take the plastic cover off and remove the rubber surrounding it. Clean the clear plastic in soapy water.

3) Cut your LED strips to the correct size (should be same length as the plastic cover). Test the strips to figure out the positive and negative terminals.

4) Another option (instead of using LED strips is to simply replace the halogen bulb with an LED one. Since LED's are directional unlike halogen bulbs, I decided to use strips instead.

5) Connect male disconnects to the LED strips and plug them into the stock harness.

6) Re-attach the rubber to the plastic cover. I used a hot glue gun to keep the LED strips attached to the clear plastic. Finally, screw your new license plate lights back into your trunk lid.

7) All done!

in case you're wondering, its an Acural EL trunk lid on a Civic.
I am using led white strips which are in much better condition. But still you have done nice job

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