How To: Oil Change for Newbies.


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How to change your oil

The newbie's guide to chaging your oil

The process is quite simple, even you can do it.

Things you'll need:
  • oil change pan
  • 3.5 quarts of oil
  • oil filter
  • 17mm socket wrench
  • funnel
  • rags
First step: Gather materials (pictured below)

Second step: Jack your car up on both sides if possible (pictured below)

Third step: Locate the oil drain plug underneath the car, plugged into the oil pan (pictured below)

Fourth step: Move your oil change pan under the drain plug, grab your 17mm socket wrench and get that baby out of there... let the oil drain into the pan and try not to get any on your clothes... (pictured below)

Fifth step: Get under the car and twist the old oil filter off with your hands. If you can't, they make a clamp that fits around the end and assists you in getting it off (pictured below)

Sixth step: Reinsert the drain plug after all the dirty oil has been drained and replace the old oil filter with the new one. Open your oil cap and get the funnel in there. Pour 3.5 quarts of fresh 5W30 oil in that sucker (pictured below)

Seventh step: Put the cap back on the valve cover, run your motor, turn it off and let the oil settle, then check your oil via dipstick and insert oil accordingly (pictured below)

After all of this, take your car out for a spin and make sure everything is working properly.
You're good to go 8)
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FYI. Different motors use different amount of oil.
I was told by a dumbass at Autozone that my B16 takes 3.5 Quarts, I did 3 oil changes before I found out out in a Hanes manual that B16A requires 4.2 Quarts. So basically I ran my engine 9k miles on .7 quarts short of oil.


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Nice valve cover paint job. Did you do that with a spray can or a gun. Either way looks really smooth.


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Ummm Penzoil is the WORST s**t evar :P haha. Castrol FTMFW... Good write up kinda pointless though =/.


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TIP: make sure to check that the OLD oil filter gasket isnt still attached to the block


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this is f**king old man lol

i thought joe had a d17?

and any other oil filter but fram or penzoil filters honeywell is the same as those they're s**t, and penzoil is not that great but it works as long as you change it at the 3k interval. I would replace the drainplug gasket too, if you havent for a couple of changes. use your fingers and wipe some new/old on them to lubricate the new filter's gasket. check oil when the engines is cold

and man am i bored..but whatever...