How To: Replace your Tape/ CD Player with OEM Pocket.


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Replace your Tape/ CD Player with OEM pocket

Here is the Before Picture.

STEP ONE: Buy or find the OEM pocket. You should be able to read the item number.

STEP TWO: Remove the screws from the arm-rest portion. There are a total of 6 screws (3 on each side)
You may need one of those stub phillips head to get to the one by the seatbelt. Also, move the
seat back and forth as needed to get to the screws.

STEP THREE: Put your parking brake up and gently lift the arm rest piece out. Slide it away from the
windshield back and pull up. It should come out pretty easy.

STEP FOUR: Remove a total of 4 screws (2 on each side) from the cup holder portion of the console.

STEP FIVE: Gently pull up and out on this cover piece. For you autos like me, put your key in the ignition
and put the gear back into "2" to give yourself room. You can't skip this part or you won't get
the piece out easily.

STEP SIX: Now that you have the cover off, here is what you have left. There are a total of 4 screws
holding in the entire cup holder unit. Take out those screws and slide it out. You'll see 4 more
gold colored screws holding your slave unit. Of course, just take those out. (I didn't think you
needed a picture for that.) Now slide out your slave unit.

STEP SEVEN: Here you have the cupholder assembly. Now the hard part, slide in the pocket.

STEP EIGHT: Once you pop in the pocket, there are two screws you'll need to have to secure the pocket
to the unit. The pocket doesn't come with it, so you'll need to provide your own. The screws
that held the slave will not work. In this picture you can see how I used a black screws vs.
the gold colored screw that held in the slave.

STEP NINE: Now just reverse to assemble and step back at a now more useful space vs. looking at a unit
that is useless b/c you have an after market HU. It's simple and anyone can do it. If you need
help, PM me or just get Honda to do it for you and charge you $70.

I hope this helps someone. This is my first official DIY with decent pictures. :ok:

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hmm, now that is an interesting question.

I'm not totally sure man. You could give it a try and let us know if it works out for ya.


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^^^^ Yea I was planning on trying it out but since the pics above don't work I don't know how to get to the tape deck to swap it out with the pocket I would really hate to go in blind


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