How To: Reset ECU.

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Reset ECU

After engine mods, you want to reset your ECU to take advantage of the new mods.

Start the car and let it warm up
Turn the car off
Pull the ECU fuse under the hood -or- disconnect the battery
Let it sit for at least 5 minutes
Reconnect the ECU fuse under the hood -or- Reconnect the battery
Start the car again and let it idle for 5 minutes (don't be pressing the gas or listening to the stereo or anything)
Turn the car off
Start it back up and have fun driving.
Or you can leave the ECU alone and it will slowly adjust over 6 months or so.

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if you pull the fuse, you don't need to wait any more than 10 seconds............ 5 minutes is overkill...


The 7.5A fuse of interest is labeled as Back Up on the hood fuse box lid.

While the service manual indicates that removal of the Back Up fuse for 10 seconds is adequate to reset the ECU and clear the CEL codes, it's my experience and others that this does not always work. In contrast, removal of the fuse for several minutes reliably works.


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Just disconnect the battery for over 3 minutes. No need to cycle the engine. When it starts up next, it takes maybe 90 seconds of idling to get it to sit right.