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I bitched out Honda for their ridiculous installation prices (320ish for all 4 hfp underbody spoiler pieces, and 205 for the interior illumination light)


They offered to take about 50 bucks off each one.

But I declined.

Instead, they printed out the Honda instructions for each part and gave them to me. =)


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Did you buy all the underbody pieces from Honda or elsewhere? And if so how much did they cost?

Sorry to take away from your OP, but I'm just curious.

And to quote Zenray:

way to stick it to the man


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matts2ksi said:
I would have done the same thing...dealerships are getting a little out of control when it comes to installation cost/labor...

Anyway, for future mods check this site out... http://www.collegehillshonda.com/civiccoupe/2006_exterior.htm

They've got installation PDFs of all the accessories and what not and some decent prices! Good luck with the install!
College Hills Honda Rocks jajaj

I Bought My Fog Lights On College Hills Honda Saved Like $100 Dollars.

I'm Also Trying To Buy The Underspoiler Kit. But I'm Saving And Waiting, Too See If They Lower The Price More.

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