I have no oil pressure on my 2000 honda civic ,1.6 sohc 16 valve d16y7


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i had an incident 3 weeks ago while i was driving my engine completely stopped and i had to pull over i tried to start it and it wouldn't start so i had my car towed home and i took the valve cover to discover my cam broke so i went ahead and removed the head off and put a another complete head as well with a new head gasket i got everything ready to start the engine and it fired right up but i noticed that i had no oil pressure i changed the gasket and o-ring to the oil pump and put a new oil filter and pressure switch but still no oil pressure.

i changed the oil pump a couple of months ago from another engine which i had laying around in the garage. i never had any problems with the oil pump on the old engine so that's why i put it on this engine.

any ideas what it may be
the miles on the engine are 150k


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Remove oil filter place hand pump with engine oil in it .
Stick the oil pump hose into oil filter mounting fixter and pump oil to till you empty hand pump out to remove air out the block .
AKA - priming the oil system


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no the oil light did not come on,

i am gona put another oil pump and prime the oil system

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