Idle Issues (Not IACV, Please help)


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Hey everyone. This is probably a question asked a lot but my case feels different so here we go.
Over the winter I picked up an idle issue. While in idle, cold start, warm start, wet, dry, warm, cold, park, reverse, neutral, doesn’t mater. My idle bounces very quickly (By this I mean it goes from around 1100 to 1400 back to 1100 and cycles, no hesistation) and the only way it stops, is to stop idling.
I replaced my IACV, Cleaned the throttle body, checked for vacuum leaks, refreshed my coolant, changed the oil, and yet nothing. No fix.
But here’s the kicker.
While driving around town, sometimes it will, sometimes it won’t, but when I maintain speed, (similar to cruise?) my RPM’s start bouncing even quicker than with my idle, and my entire car lurches with the bounce. Only way to fix is to keep accelerating or continue breaking. Constant change of speed basically. I have a Skunk 2 manifold, test pipe, Yonaka exhaust, AEM short ram intake, and no O2 lights.
Check engine light Says “IACV” but I already replaced that...