Immobilizer issues PLEASE HELP


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Good day to all.. I have a 2007 Civic LX w/ ~140k on it bone stock. Everything was fine until one day I went to start it and it stalled immediately. After doing some research, i figured out that I have an immobilizer issue. I had a somewhat weak battery, so I thought the car may have lost the program for the keys.

I used a Launch X-431 Throttle to reprogram the keys, but it tells me "Immobilizer System Is Not Normal" and "D-3 No Communication Between ECM/PCM And Immobilizer Unit".

I have checked every fuse, checked all connectors at the immobilizer MICU (fuse box) and ECM. All seem normal.

I really just want to bypass the immobilizer altogether and have been looking for wiring diagrams to figure it out, but I am not 100% confident I won't mess more things up. If anyone knows how to do this, PLEASE PM me with some guidance.

Otherwise, if there is a way I can test each piece individually so I don't have to replace them all, that info would be greatly appreciated.



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You may regrettably need to make a trip to the dealership...