installing halo headlights


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i just purchased a pair of angel eye headlights for my EK civic. how do i get the halo ring to light up? it has red and white wires coming from the compartment of the halo but they arent long enough to reach the fuse box inside the car. should i just splice them with the parkin light bulb wires?


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Here's what I would recommend:

1. find a bolt that goes into the frame near each headlight (the bolts holding in the headlight worked for me (but I have an EG)

2. attach all white wires to these bolts (unscrew bolt slightly, wrap bare wire around threads in a clockwise direction, tighten bolt)

3. find the wires going to something that is on when you want the halo's on (maybe the turn signal lights, or maybe run a wire through the firewall to the lighter socket - then they are on whenever the car is on)

4. if necessary, find the "hot" wire that you want - turn signals usually have 3 wires: one is ground, one is the parking light, and the other is the signal that flashes.

5. connect both red wires to this "hot" wire.

That's all there is to it! I would recommend using Scotchlok connectors instead of actually cutting any wires. They can be found at auto stores or places like Radio Shack. They look like this (but come in many colors):



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hrmm how would you connect that? with the Scotchlok Connectors?