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ive searched the internet and tried looking for a diagram, instructions, etc, to give me a realistic idea of how to remove and install full brake lines. i bought the brake line c / brake line d prebent and oem so that i could change out the lines. i also have all three fuel lines so i can replace all 5 lines at once, since ill already be doing work down there i didnt see an issue with it.

i really dont need to be harrassed or told not to do this. im asking for help to find out what i actually need to remove, if anything needs to be removed at all other than you know... the old lines, to do the job myself. my uncle is working on his toyota corolla (2000? 2003?...) and he has had to tear out a ton including the tires, axles, etc, just to get them replaced.

so im asking for pictures, videos, advice, words are nice, to be able to grasp the situation and be able to give myself a timeframe on how big the job will actually be. thank you in advance and i hope this will be easier than his toyota.

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i am looking to replace pipe c and pipe d, 9 and 11 i believe. the replacement of the wheel brake lines are cake, im talking about changing out the ones that run under the car. and yes ive looked but i cant find how to change out pipe c + D.

just to make sure we are talking about the same line, its the two that are roughly 6 feet long with lots of bends in it that runs under the car. if im not explaining myself correctly i apologize.


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For reference, 9 & 11 in this pic: