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General Interior Information
How To: Window Track Maintenance
How To: DIY Riveting Factory Door Sills to Carpet (for those replacing carpet.)
How To: Re-Upholstering Doors.
How to: Keep Shift Boot Up 96-00 Civic.
How To: Remove Tint without using any special tools.
How To: Fix A Window That Fell Out Of It's Track.
How To: Read and Write Electrical Schematics Part. 1.
How To: Shorten the Height of your Shifter.
How To: Clean Your Headliner

Alarm And Theft Deterant
How To: Best DIY Immobilizer.
How To: Fuel Cut off Switch.
Reference: Alarm and Remote Start Help and Info
How To: Headlight Reminder Buzzer.

OEM Interior Modification And OEM AD On Components
How To: Rear Window Washer Intervall Controll Unit
How To: Install GSR Cluster into a Civic, 6th gen Cluster in 5th gen.
How To: Change Stock Gauge Cluster Bulbs 96-00 Civics.
How To: Make Custom Gauge Holder
How To: Change 01-05 Interior Cabin Air Filter
Reference: Odometer Laws, read before changing clusters
How To: 96-98 Civic Amber Climate Control.
How To: Ghetto Door Panel Fix.
How To: RSX Seating In a 6th Generation Civic
How To: My DIY Cargo Cover.
How To: Keep your 6g civic rear-view from wandering.
How To: Replace your Tape/ CD Player with OEM Pocket.
How To: DIY Red Lit Gauge Needle's (6th Gen)

Interior Lighting And Electronics
How To: 6th Gen LED Climate Control Lighting
How To: DIY Guage Colour Change.
Reference: Interior Fuse Panel Diagram 6th And 5th Generation
How To: Where to Run Guage Wire in Hatchback.
How To: Mini-Mod Vtec Light.
How To: Repair or Mod Your Cruise Swicth Lamp.
How To: Boost and Air/Fuel Guage Install into Civic.

Color Change Dye And Paint
How To: DIY Shift Knob Red Lettering
How To: Interior Painting 101
How To: Dye Your Carpet.
How to: Dye carpets.

Safety And Race Equipment
How To: Install an aftermarket steering wheel (Civic 92-95) EG's
How To: Removal of seatbelt light.
How To: Erasing Memory On SRS Light

Car Stereo
How To: "Big 3" Ground Upgrade
Reference: Car Stereo Installation Info
How To: Rear Speaker Install.
How To: Sound Deaden your Ceiling/Roof (56k welcome.)
How To: Headunit Relocation 99-00 Civic.
How To: Sound Deaden your Doors.
How To: Stop Subs From Moving Around And Increase Sound Quality..
How To: Subs And Amp Mounting Made Easy.
How To: Replace Front Speakers.
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