intermittent P0740 false nuetral problem


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I am a new Honda owner, 1999 Honda civic, 220,000 miles run great since I replaced head gasket. The problem is this, a reoccurring false neutral in transmission. I will be driving along then the tranny stops working, when u shut it off and restart it will drive, maybe 50 feet maybe a mile then repeat. Then it appears to fix itself and run fine for months, this has happened 3 times the last being yesterday. I checked the clutch lock up solenoids, they both click, i've cleaned them then replaced them with used ones. anyone else experience this or have any suggestions? Since it is intermittent I am hoping it is electrical or a sensor. any help will be appreciated


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As far as I know, P0740 is the torque converter lockup. Check the TCC Solenoid and make sure it’s functioning. There is also a ground on one of the bolts that hold it into place.