Intro 95 ex sedan


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Sup fellas? I picked up a 95 ex sedan with manual transmission for $1400. I’m not too familiar with Hondas anymore so I’m looking forward to learning on this forum. It’s completely stock but supposedly has had the engine replaced with another of the same type but less mileage. For now it’s just my work car but my goal is to build a fun car to drive, so choice suspension parts is key and then see what can be done to the motor. I live in Cali and the rollerz are strict AF so I’d prefer to stay carb legal. We’ll see. D8E4C1B7-E593-4176-AE7F-F09E42F6FA3C.jpeg


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I have the same thing in a coupe.
I also got it for a work car, and want to do some restoration/upgrading to it.

Problem is I'm not experienced with working on cars. I replaced my alternator today. It went well.

But I want to swap the motor and transmission. And it needs a lot of electrical work. So for the first time in my life, I've turned to forums.

I figure a Honda Civic is the best way to get into both car mods and forums lol


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Pretty much in the same boat as you, got a 95 ex sedan for $200 but had to fish it out of the mud on some hillbillies land. going to remove the head tonight and see how bad she is inside


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Start with some coilovers! You will definitely feel the difference with them as you drive, either a smoother drive or a more sporty ride!

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