Intro and a couple basic questions


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Hello to all-

My name is Derek, 25 years old from minnesota. Not really new to cars but never owned a civic before. Ive had a couple Integra LS's and I currently own a 2005 RSX type s as well.

I purchased a 1997 civic lx sedan, Black exterior and completely stock as its my winter/daily driver. It was in a front end collision with a deer and was fixed up using "sorta-fit" parts. All in all it was $1400 cash with only 122k on the meter so im pleased with the purchase. I would post pics but as its stock whats the point.

After inspecting the car i found that the exhaust manifold has a hairline crack in it, upon doing some research i found that this is quite common and was being replaced under warranty for 14y/150k. Is it possible that i can still cash in on this? if so do i just drive up to the dealership and show them what honda says or what?

Its also missing a passenger side inner fender liner/ splash guard/ wheel well lining and it just snowed. I need a replacement asap but can only find them on ebay for $18 shipped. Ive heard these are garbage fitment wise but don't know of any alternative unless i find someone with a used one. any ideas?

I have a few more questions but being this is getting kinda long ill just add one more. The rear defrost has wires connecting to the window on each side in the back. mine has one that is disconnected, i held it up to the window and it started working, what should i use to reconnect the wires to the window? Are they really just glued on? it still has everything but is just hanging next to the window.

Thanks for any replies and look forward to being a member