it's all finally over...

A couple of weeks ago I posted a thread regarding a wreck that I had been in. Asking for some advice because i was under the obvious impression that i was going to get fucked over. Well, everything ended up working out just fine and the guy who hit me ended up paying for everything out of pocket.

Well, he stuck to his word and paid for everything. I just got the car back from the collision center and just wanted to show some pics of before and after. so let me know what you think.

PS. The hood, bumper, grill and headlights were replaced. so fyi.



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World of difference! You should have painted your mirrors, handles, and skirts while it was there!

you can see in the last pic that the roof needs shot too.

I did get another qoute for all those pieces. so it will be the next venture.

The drop should be here in about a week as well.
so progress continues.


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Haha you can tell what was fixed and what's stock :lol:. My car's the same. I hate it :(.

Looks 472843728432x better though. Wrong section perhaps...?


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Looks better than before, that's for sure. Fresh paint and new headlights always bring up the aesthetics of a front end.

But yeah, when you get the mirrors, door handles, and side skirts color-matched it'll look a lot better.