J Line wheels for sale.

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Title is right! I'm selling my wheels.

These are super hard to come by without ordering brand new and dropping a nice dime.

J line 10sl2 wheels

Specs: 16x8 +21/+15
Location: scottsboro, AL
Contact: (256)244-4393

Price: $1800usd shipping included. (Add 3% for paypal fees)

Got them in April just before Spring Import Alliance.
Tires are bad, will not ship with tires anyway.



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bump for a fellow bama boy....hate that you are getting rid of them man..they look good on your sedan.


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these are my second favorite wheel i will trade you a h22 complet swap to go into a ek for those wheels...it will come with absolutely everything to run in your car text me 814-572-8137


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Ugghhhh I want these wheels SO badly!!! I just can't justify that kind of money for rims going onto a $3000 civic.

GL mang...they're so pretty.
Bump for one of the nicest looking wheels ive ever seen.. I had never seen these before till now, but OMG :shock: Love them! Wish I had a spare 1800. GLWS.
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