JDM D17 Hard to Start


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I have a 2001 Honda Civic LX with a JDM D17 and an automatic transmission. All other parts are stock with the car. The car is hard to start, the engine will has to spin over several times before starting. Usually it takes three or four tries before the engine actually starts. There are no codes but the Maint Req'd light stays on.

The original engine was a D17A1, I had to use the throttle body, exhaust manifold, Engine harness and ECM.

I just swapped to the D17 engine. When the car was in the shop, I had the battery charger hooked up and there was no issue. The engine would fire right off but without the charger the issue occurs. I would think if it was the battery, the engine would spin slowly or not at all but it spins just as fast with or without the charger plugged in. Could the charger be helping more fire make it to the coil packs? I just thought about this as I began to type the thread, so I'll test this theory when I get home.

The engine is also one of the EGR models without O2 sensors in the exhaust manifold. Since the old engine was a non-EGR, I don't have a plug to connect. I've read cars run fine with the EGR disconnected so I figured this wasn't the issue but I also read exhaust gases trapped could cause this issue... Should I install one of the EGR delete kits?

I have the issue no matter if the its a cold or warm start, happens every time. (Without the battery charger, I'll test this tonight.)

This is my 1st import so I'm really not sure where to start... Once the car cranks it runs like a champ.