jeking clutch

I drive a 1989 civic hatchback with 227000 miles on it. Hondas are a new experience for me, as I am a bmw tech. My civic is a 5 speed with a cable activated clutch. I replaced the clutch, cable and rear main seal about six months ago and it has been fine. However just in the last couple of months I have had an increasing problem with first gear. when the car is cold it starts off fine, but after it warms up if I try to release the clutch after a complete stoop the whole car shake violently til it gets moving. no other gear causes this problem and if i am moving even slightly this doesn't happen. I use this car as a daily driver and love it, I do not have a problem with the clutches on my other cars, but they are hydraulic clutches. Is it me or do I have a mechanical problem.

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