Just Finished Making this...


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That's sick. I envy people who can weld. I used to have a 3-point front upper strut bar. I swear I noticed a difference. I want one again.

How much did the material cost and how long did you spend making that?

Ok, i'm gonna try to respond to everyone...

it took about 6 hours to make.

had the material laying around. (60 bucks or so if I bought it)

not sure on weight.

and its my dads welder, all i know is its a Miller and its the size of my car.


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Well, it's ugly but if it works that's all that matters!! I'd love to have a 3pt. I used to have a tower but w/ the new(er) intake it doesn't fit.


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I think it looks kinda like the PasswordJDM one. Smooth out the welds if you havent already and get it powder coated and you'll be balling! Looks good IMO. Nice work.
Welds are smooth, and its been cleaned waiting for payday to get it powder coated. I was thinking Charcoal metallic or dark bronze for the color, the car getting painted white. The PW:JDM one was the Spec that i was going for just 200 dollars cheaper =)

Next is Rear subframe brace, control arms, and some sort of trunk brace thats grocery friendly...


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i wanna see finished product, after its been painted. great job tho man, looks good


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Did you feel any difference??? What would be the difference against a brand one, just the price??? I know how to weld and I can get material for free on the job but I always though that making my own wouldn't be worth
I would love to make and sell them. My dad is a machinist and welder (with me apprenticing) and we would like to have a machine shop / parts company (Quality parts for a fraction of the price). We will be testing out a few parts on my car and then maybe hooking some people up really cheap to get some credibility and get some clients. I feel that people way overcharge for a "name brand" and would love other budget minded people to have the chance to build a car with quality products. As for the material it is .250 for the tower structure and the tubing is aircraft grade stainless. We are in the early stages of making a street legal Honda 1300cc turbocharged go-kart, so parts are coming slow right now.

This is our Powerplant for the "Go-Kart"
As for the difference with the name brand there should be only a positive result over a more expensive one, because companies usually cut corners and use bare minimum materials. This thing is thicker and beefier than most, pretty much bullet proof and has no give or flex whatsoever. One feature we added was the unboltable firewall mount so it can be installed and uninstalled alot easier, which is nice if you want to do your intake manifold or an engine swap later. (as I will be)

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