Just got a civic

Alright guys I just got an 01 civic EX manual. I've researched and found out they didn't make Si in America in 01 but I have leather, basically just like an Si interior and I read online they made a special edition EX in place of the Si (if I'm wrong please let me know because I wanna know the exact model I have). It's really clean so I'm looking just to make it look good. I'm not worried about power I just want a nice clean, good looking civic since it's my daily driver. A few main mods I wanna do is a short throw shifter, Si or integra ls rims, lower it just enough to eliminate the wheel gap, and possibly a few other things down the road. I'm looking to get the best quality parts. Budget isn't a problem, I'm willing to wait and save up to get the best parts for good ride quality. I'm gonna post pics as soon as I get a chance. I'm looking for advice on what short shifter to go with and what I should lower it with. I've been around the car scene, I don't know as much as you guys, but I know more than most people. Lowering wise I don't want to sacrifice too much ride quaility so I'm guessing I should go with coilovers? Let me know guys and thank you in advance.

Can't see pics while I am here at work anyways, but welcome to CC. Sounds like you've got some decent plans. Somtimes the ride just needs to be lowered to be just perfect. I miss my '03 EX somtimes, but sort of wish I had that Si interior you just explained lol

When I first saw it at the dealer I was surprised to see leather in an EX. But yeah the wheel gap is bothering me already and I just got it Thursday haha. I don't wanna slam it just wanna lower it a little. I'm in class now so when I get home I'm gonna take some pics.


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looks like you have your hands on a 7th gen civic.
the Si version was launched in america but was only offered as a hatch. if its not a hatch then its definitely an EX. as far as if its common or not for leather in an EX - im not sure but EX is considered the model with the bells and whistles so im not surprised


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Definitely search and read around. A lot of questions you have have more than likely been covered dozens of times.
Except for the manifold looking bad it's pretty clean in person. I'll post some more uo close pics soon. And yeah I'm realy happy with the seats.
So about an hour ago I was pulling out of WaWa and a guy rear ended me blowing out my front left and rear left tires. Car is pretty messed up. I'm so mad because the cops ended up putting me at fault for it because they said I pulled out in front of him. I'm getting a lawyer and fighting it because he was in the left lane (it was a four lane road) when I pulled out and I pulled into the right lane after coming to a complete stop. My friend is e-mailing me the pictures.
Car was never in an accident had a clean car fax and I've never been in an accident either. I'm so mad becasuse now the car will never be the same no matter what.

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