Just wondering.. What was retail on eg's and ek's when they first came out??

Looking at them nowadays they run for like anywhere between 2500-8000.. Still kinda pricey imo. Any one have any idea how much than ran for when they were brand new?


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go http://www.google.com <--- here. type in "ek civic original price". that used price range sounds about right. I bought my ej8 already lowered with I/H/E with 80k miles for 5 grand the beginning of this year so its not that bad


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My brother bought his 99 EX for around 15.5. All power options, no spoiler.

Price range can vary depending on the area you live in. My friend sold his 99 EX (EXACT same car as mine) with 17" rims, intake, header, apexi ws2 catback, and like 105k miles for...4500? If it's a complete rusted shitbox used as a beater, it shouldn't be worth more than a few grand.

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