K24 CEL light

What is up CC techs? I got another puzzling question if any be interested...

I recently replaced a K24A4 with a lower mileage K24A4. After fluids and gaskets were replaced and all bolts, hoses, and electrical connectors were triple checked I started her up. At first all was well, but soon she started idling low and finally bogged out. I restarted the motor and noticed a CEL flashing.

Got her scanned and the OBD tossed out three codes: 1) TPS circuit low voltage 2) MAP sensor circuit low voltage 3) Fuel Tank Pressure sensor circuit low voltage. I know that these sensors send information to the PCM in the form of voltage, however I do not know what would cause these sensors to send a low voltage signal.

So all this builds up to my actual question...what can cause the sensors (stated above) to send a Low Voltage signal to the PCM?

As always, any and all input is much appreciated.

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