kinda new to cc and this is my 89 hatch

Ok let me say love this forum it has actually provided some very useful info when i had my 95 coupe but i recently picked this hatch and decided to part ways with my coupe. It has dohc zc aem cai dc header cant remember the name of the exhaust and i know everyone is gonna say it eveyone has rota slips lol but i think im gonna sell them or trade them not sure what i want to replace them though but suggestions would be apreciated its on full skunk 2 suspension droped 1.5 all the way around but lmk what you guys think. oh thats actually my old coupe in the background.btw.


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This may be the first zc car ive seen on this particular forum or at least the only one i remember lol
Overall plans for her?
not really sure what i want to do yet i definatly keepimg the zc just because im the only zc car around here that i know of and i love it lol but i thinking about dropping it more but not sure and the rotas look good but way too common so probably gonna sell them need t clean the bay up some i might look into to boost might keep it n/a still undecided i think im gonna switch to amber corners looking for a dash for it the one in it only has one crack but im picky with stuff like that and looking for door panels the one in it are faded other than than those few thoughts im actually really happy with it the way it is with some minor changes.

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