Koni Shocks Yellow vs. Orange?

Hey I am looking into grabbing some springs from the clubcivic store because of the black friday sale, just wondering what the major differences between the Koni yellow and orange shocks are, other then about $200 ;)

I am not looking into doing anything to extreme with the car, just wanna lower it and get rid of most of if not all the wheel gap.

And what springs would go best with it, I know the store has the Tech springs (or whaterever they are called) to combo with the Orange shocks, is that a decent match up? Will I get low enough with that combo?

And lastly what other parts do I need to lower the vehicle? Does anything else need to be replaced? I know I will need an alignment after but parts wise do I need to change anything else?

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Big difference between the yellows and oranges. Yellows are damper adjustable and have a lifetime guarantee if I remember right. The orange ones are like a budget oem replacement. No lifetime warranty.
You might want to check your trailing arm bushings. If you have stock suspension yet.
I'd be surprised if you don't destroy you lcas if the bottom shock bolt is seized.
It's a common problem. Good luck.

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